Osteopathy Treatment

Osteopathy effectively treats musculoskeletal conditions such as:

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which treats painful conditions throughout the body resulting from structural dysfunction. As such, an osteopath examines the interplay between the muscles, joints, fascia and nervous system and adjusts tissue to ease tension, reduce restriction, and improve function. This means that your body will heal much more effectively and quickly. A variety of techniques are used to achieve positive results in osteopathy including a fully hands on approach to treatment utilising both soft tissue (muscles, tendons and fascia) work as well as joint manipulation (adjustments), which makes treatment gentle and effective. Stretches, exercises and advice may also be given to help you progress to wellness.

Osteopathy is a profession governed by statute and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council, ensuring that practitioners have achieved the high standards required in training and maintain their skills with regular continuing professional development.

Strong, scientific research supports treatment by osteopaths helping you to know that results are known to be effective.

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Free 15 minute consultation to discuss your concern and whether osteopathy is right for you – must be pre-booked.

If you have been negatively financially affected by the covid-19 pandemic, please speak to Claire directly about how we can help you to access treatment when you need it. 


We can do onsite osteopathy treatment for your company as a one-off or regular team perks. For inquiries, please email us at info@osteopathyandtherapy.co.uk.