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We offer deep tissue, Swedish and aromatherapy massage.

The appointments are for 60 minutes, except deep tissue which can be offered at 30 minutes (for a specific area).

When you are experiencing muscular aches and pains through posture, or though a sporting or other  injury we offer a massage which will target the tissues in the right way to promote relaxation and release tension, or to enhance the healing of tissues and encourage recovery from injury.

Benefits from massage are both physical and emotional.  Whilst helping your muscles to improve in condition and recover from injuries or the stresses and strains we put on them during daily life, the release of endorphins which also occurs increases the sense of relaxation and wellbeing people experience following their treatment.  This improves sleep quality and reduces the impact of stress too.

Aromatherapy oils offer an additional layer for the senses – with our blends to Energise, Balance, Detox or Relax, you can get even more out of your 60 minute massage – making sure you walk out even more calm and clear or with an extra spring in your step.


Massage 1 hour appointment


Massage 30 minutes (deep tissue only)


Add aromatherapy oil

to your 60 minutes massage


Massages require 50% payment at the time of booking, refundable where more than 24 hours notice is given should you need to change or cancel.

We have offers on our treatments throughout the year...

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We can do onsite massage for your business as a one off or for regular team perks. Enquire